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How do we know what services we need?

We meet with you to discuss where you are and what you want and need . If we think we may be the right firm for your organization, we submit a proposed scope of work.

How much additional time should our board members and staff plan to spend with you?

It varies, depending on the scope of work and your level of experience. We initiate involvement on site and through documents, phone calls, and e-mails.

How does your firm generally approach the development and fundraising process?

Donors support organizations that they know and care about. We will help you involve your prospective donors in planning your project and campaign. We also provide all the training needed to fully prepare your staff and volunteers for the campaign.

If we've never raised any money before, can you still help us conduct a capital campaign?

Yes! New start ups or organizations that have never had the need to raise substantial funds may need to factor in extra time for strategic planning, donor cultivation, and various other involvement and relationship building strategies.

We know how much money we need, but how do we know how much money we can raise?

Together, we would review your donor base to identify those that have the ability to give the most. In some situations, we conduct major gift planning interviews with key constituents to probe the potential for giving. Another option is a campaign feasibility study to determine the organization's readiness and potential.

How do you work with out-of-town clients?

We plan for a more focused application of our time on site. We schedule regular visits, and we stay connected using individual and conference phone calls and regular email contacts.

How much would it cost to hire A&A?

Our fees reflect the scope of work/services that we provide, based on the needs of your organization. Our fees are always within the norms of the Giving Institute firm averages for services rendered. To discuss your organization’s situation, please send us an e-mail message to info@arnoultassoc.com.

Can we pay you a percentage of what we raise with your help?

We don’t base our fees on a percent of revenues generated, but they normally equal a small, single-digit percent of funds raised. Fees are based on the customized scope of work developed after careful consultation with you. The ethical standards of the Giving Institute forbid any member firm from establishing fees based on a percent of funds raised.

We have very little money. Can you help us with a promise to pay you out of future funds raised?

All of our clients are not-for-profit organizations with missions to serve their communities. Generally, if you do not have the funds to hire us, you are probably not in a position to effectively benefit from our consulting and organizing services. We can help you consider ways of raising seed funds to get you started.

Will you raise money for us?

While the Arnoult firm will assist your volunteers and staff with all aspects of organizing fund-raising activities, including training of staff and volunteers to make effective cultivations and solicitations of prospective donors, members of our firm do not solicit funds on behalf of any clients. Furthermore, at no time during an engagement will any member of our firm have possession of any funds.